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  • Sorry for the late reply! I've been so busy lately X.x
    Hmmm these days I'm into RNGing in game found pokemon - I find it fun somehow :D
    Also, I find that by the time I get my RNG'd pokemon, the usage of that pokemon has dropped Dx
    Oh ok lol - what bites where I am is that Nintendo doesn't really release many events here Dx
    Ohhh I see - hmmm I'm reluctant to buy any new gaming hardware apart from new games these days so I might pass on emulator RNG.

    I've been trying out ID/SID abuse on HGSS and I can't seem to hit my delay and second as easily as DPPT - it's annoying me Dx
    Hmmmm question - if you RMG with an emulator, don't you need to have separate machinery to transfer it to your cartridge? O.o The only time I ever used an emulator was when I was just playing for fun on the computer so sorry for my ignorance Dx
    I have a question - have you ever ID/SID abused in HGSS? It's a lot harder than DPPT o.o
    "Can you breed or catch or both in 5th gen?! And ID/SID abuse too?" - Yep xD I'm trying my hand at Breeding in 5th Gen (haven't done that before) - but I can do all those things in both 4th and 5th Gen. Not much of a big deal here, many people can RNG on Smogon xD And it's great that you battle with interesting teams on PO - they put too much hype on OU standards and that xD
    Thank you! xD
    Oooo you must be good at PO then, waiting for a decent challenge and all xDDD
    Oh my o.o Well I have yet to go on PO but I'll try it out once I've finished RNGing. Which reminds me, I RNG'd a wild flawless Ditto today *does a Hawaiian dance* I amaze even myself xD And the free Pokemon trade giveaway you must be talking about is something a user named TheMantyke is doing - he's an awfully nice mod xD
    Oh I think that's Mat and Kurt xDDDDD Wow, you really play PO a lot huh? xD Don't you wifi battle anymore these days?
    lol The pokemon are my friends' and they're from Serebii xD Umm because I'm a noob at this whole trading thing, as a general rule of thumb, would any pokemon with OT Mat or Kurt be a legit and trustworthy source for pokemon?
    Hey Bakus - do you know anyone who can hack check event Pokemon with ribbons? I posted a request on the simple requests thread but if you know someone specifically, would you let me know? :s
    I can't clone but I have a friend who can. My friend can only clone on 4th Gen on Fridays and weekends when he goes home. If you need me to trade you a clone back I'd be happy to but it'll have to be this Friday, Saturday or Sunday (the former two days work well for me because it's Monday where I am when it's Sunday for you) :s

    I'll PM you my FC
    Yay, VM works xDDD I'm on my IPad now and not on my comp that loads slow. Delete my VMs if your inbox is getting full :s
    Oh was the Shaymin event hacked? Aww just check when you get home. I'm interested in any Jirachi, Celebi or Manaphy you may have because I'm trying to get into competitive battle and don't have any of those Pokemon.

    And question - are most of the Shaymin for trade from hacked events?
    So stuff with OT Mat or Kurt are from hacked events too?
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